Race to Challenge Finals

This is a new concept to competitive tennis similar to Nitto ATP finals The event will take over from 29/3 – 10/7 and will be a qualifying event for the finals tournament which will take place in July. As time is always a factor, we decided to run this as a short set type format. There is no entry fee but donations are welcome, we recommend 1£ per player per match, we would really appreciate it if you could donate to Paypal – direct link https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/challengetennisuk/2. Money collected will be used for covering the expenses of these events.

Link to myUTR registration : https://app.myutr.com/events/32691

Rules :

  • Best of 3 sets, Fast4 format, no AD scoring!
  • You need to organize your own matches, there will be no fixtures!!! 
  • You can play the same person several times but only once per month and 3 times overall 
  • You need to play a minimum of 8 matches, or a maximum of 12 to qualify 
  • Top 6 players by our own ELO rating will be invited to a Finals Tournament which will be organized on currently undisclosed location somewhere in Oxfordshire 
  • There will be prizes for top players in excess of £150 !!!
  •  Tournament will be run in the same format (FAST4) – 2 groups – round-robin, semifinals, and finals